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Whiteboard arrived damaged and bent - couldn't be used. To be fair, I do believe this was the courier rather than SAM Online Stores as it looked like it had been bashed around and the box was ripped in numerous places.\n\nThe 4 stars is deserved as Customer Service were very prompt and courteous in dealing with the issue and arranging a replacement/refund when requested.


Chalk pavement signs

Stylish finishing
Durable construction
Including snap frames
Easy to use
Best price!

Chalk pavement signs

This is absolutely the definitive classic in our assortment: the chalk pavement sign. Thanks to its authentic and timeless looks, this pavement sign is most widely used. Fields of appliance range from pubs, bars and restaurants, to shops or larger enterprises.

It is a poster snap frame as well!
This chalk pavement sign has an extra feature; it is equipped with a snap frame as well. Next to using its writing surface with crayons or chalk markers, its also perfectly suited for poster display. This UV-protective sheet that can be used to protect your poster, can also be placed over all that is written or drawn with crayons or chalk markers as an extra protective layer.

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