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Shredded materials

A paper shredder is designed to shred paper, but is often capable of shredding much more!

Every paper shredder obviously is capable of, shredding paper. They only differ in the amount of paper sheets to be inserted per feed. In general, the bigger and heavier (and sometimes more expensive as well) the shredder is, the more paper can be inserted per feed. We clearly show this amount of paper sheet per feed in our online store, making it easier for you to choose. Measurements are made on basis of A4 documents of 70 gr./m2.

All of our paper shredders are capable of shredding documents that still have staples in them. This saves you all the time removing them. Please make sure that when you're inserting documents that still include staples, you don't insert too many at once. Your shredder capacity is slightly reduced because of these staples.

Creditcards and other (bank)cards
Almost all our shredder models are capable of shredding creditcards and other (bank)cards. The place where these cards have to be inserted differ: sometimes it's possible to use the document feed and in some instances a special feed needs to be used.

CD’s en DVD’s
Not all paper shredders are able to shred DVD's and CD's as well. The medium-sized, larger and more heavy-duty shredders however do this with ease. This can be done by inserting these discs in the regular document feed, or in a special feed.

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