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Snap frame 25 mm for indoor use

Stylish aluminium frame
Durable snap frame
Wall mount included
Protective PVC included
Best price!

Snap frame 25 mm for indoor use

Snap frames (or clip frames) have proven over the years to be the ideal solution to use for hanging posters or other types of (commercial) prints. These snap frames are easy to install on every type of wall and can be used both horizontally or vertically.

The stylish 25 mm wide aluminium frame of our snap frames, is designed to place or change your poster as easy as possible. Simply snap open the frame, place your poster underneath the protective PVC sheet and close the snap frame. Your poster is held in place firmly, while the PVC sheet offers UV protection of your high resolution print.

This 25mm snap frame is perfectly suited for indoor use. Are you looking for a snap frame for outdoor use? Please take a look at our water resistant 35 mm snap frame.

We offer multiple sizes. Please make your choice from the overview below.

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